Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mower- The Buying Guide

Electric start self propelled lawn mower
Electric start self propelled lawn mower

The Electric Start Self propelled lawn mower makes your gardening quite easy and fun-loving with push-button electric start, eliminating your effort of pulling the cord again and again in order to start the lawn mower. 

It also reduces your effort of bearing the weight of the machine in order to maneuver through multiple obstacles, like plant, tree, gazebo, flower beds, etc. as it has self-propelled wheels that move it forward and you just have to walk behind to guide them. 

It means that you don’t have to worry anymore about the problem of elbow or back pain and you can enjoy mowing your garden or lawn.

Electric start self propelled lawn mower is also environmentally friendly as it does not use gasoline which produces exhaust. Moreover, it produces less noise with battery or corded operated mowers that make less vibration. 

More about the Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Now before discussing some of the best electric start self propelled lawn mower, let us first discuss what makes it the better choice when you are looking for a lawn mower that can actually make your mowing work easier.

Now as the name implies, electric start lawn mowers, It is simply a starting mechanism which works by pushing a button to start the machine and you don’t have to apply manual effort to pull the cord to start the machine. It further comes as corded or cordless electric mowers.

In corded electric lawn mowers it uses a trailing electric cord which you can use upto a limited lawn area of 100-150 feet from the nearest power supply.

In cordless lawn mowers, it uses a rechargeable battery which is available in various power ranges (12- Volts, 56 – Vots & 80 Volts). More powerful the battery, you can use it for a longer time.

Self propelled lawn mower, it is powered by a self driven mechanism in which wheels are connected mechanically and you don’t have to apply power to move it. It is either “walk behind”  or “ride-on” types, in which you can either walk behind and guide or ride on the mower to operate it.

Best 5 Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mower-The Buying Guide


Image Product Rating  
electric start self propelled lawn mower Lawn-Boy 17734 4 View on Amazon
electric start self propelled lawn mower Greenworks LMF 403 4.5 View on Amazon
electric start self propelled lawn mower Snapper P2185020E 3.5 View on Amazon
electric start self propelled lawn mower Yard Force 4.5 View on Amazon
electric start self propelled lawn mower Ego LM2100SP 3.5 View on Amazon


Lawn-Boy 17737

Electric start self propelled Lawn mower
                                       Lawn-Boy 17734

Lawn-boy 17734 is an electric start self propelled lawn mower designed to make your mowing work easier. The Lawn-boy company has designed it with an easy to use feature with excellent cutting performance at any uneven lawn surface. Its reliability and budget friendly features add to it’s great value.


Features of Lawn-boy 17734

Engine: Lawn-boy 17734 comes with 169 cc/6.5 ft-lb Kohler XTX OHV Engine delivering high performance. It requires only little maintenance and you don’t have to change the engine oil regularly.

Electric Start & Self-propel: The Kohler engine starts with an easy turn on key. The rear wheel drive self propel which provides you excellent cutting quality in any mowing condition.

Tri-cut System: It comes with Tri-cut cutting features with 21-inch steel deep dome deck which provides better mulching and excellent quality of cut.

Two-Point height of cut: The Lawn-boy 17734  gives you the comfort of two point mowing height adjustment as per your need.

3-in-1 Discharge ability: This Lawn Mower has an amazing 3-in-1 discharge ability which allows you to choose between mulching, bagging or side discharge. The larger bag capacity allows for larger clipping holding. It also allows you to empty the bag easily and faster.

3 Year Tru-Start Commitment: This makes quite satisfying when the company gives you the 3 Year Tru-Start commitment. It gives you the commitment of starting in just 1 or 2 pull or else the lawn boy will fix it for free.

2 Year No Worry Warranty: The Lawn-boy gives you two year full coverage warrant 


Lawn-boy 17734 Specification

Company Lawnboy
Manufacturer The Toro Company
Engine Kohler OTX OHV Engine
Product Weight 72 Pounds
Power Source Gas-powered
Drive Rear Wheel Drive
Height Adjustment 2 points


Pros Cons
Easy to assembly Χ Difficult to back off the rear wheel
 Light Weight  
√ Affordable  


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  • Does Lawn-boy 17737 come with a Battery?

Ans: Yes, this model comes with a battery and charger for electric start feature.

  • Can we back up the Mower?

Ans: Yes, You can back it up by releasing the tension of the drive cable and the mower will be free to move backward.

  • Does it Come with Oil or what kind of gas does it Use?

Ans: Yes, the new Lawn-boy electric start self propelled lawn mower comes with the oil bottle in the box (SAE 30 or SAE10W-30). You need to add the oil before the first use. However it is recommended to use a clean, fresh and unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher with no more than 10% ethanol.

  • Is it a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

Ans: This is a 4 stroke engine.

  • How is the mulching on this mower?

Ans: This lawn mower works great at mulching with it’s blade design.

  • Is the electric start a battery or a plug-in? Also does it require to be charged or plugin-in sitting all winter?

Ans: This mower is battery powered electric start. The battery usually requires charging after every 25 starts using the key. The battery needs to be charged after off season.


Greenworks LMF 403              

electric start self propelled lawn mower
                             Greenworks LMF 403

When you are looking for an electric start self propelled lawn mower which is easy to use with no tension of frequent battery charging until you finish your complete mowing in the first go then Greenworks LMF 403 is the best fit for your lawn.

Greenworks LMF 403 electric start self propelled lawn mower is completely worth it for everyone, whether you are elderly or young to  do the mowing at your desired capable speed. It is lighter in weight and easy to push start and gives you the freedom from gasoline to fill the gas, noise and heavy mower especially when the bag is full.


Features of Greenworks LMF 403

Battery: Greenworks 40 volts brushless, 5Ah battery provides 45 minutes run-time when fully charged and comes with dual battery port with automatic switchover thus saving your time to go to the garage and re-charge the battery. However the run times vary with the grass condition of the lawn and technique of the operator.

Electric start & Self Propelled: Greenworks LMF 403 is a push button start mower and self-propelled rear wheel drive that can be easily adjusted with your pace. 

Durable 21-inch Steel Deck: This feature with a double blade allows you to mow large areas of grass quite easily in just less time. The advantage of the brushless motor aids in more torque, quiet operation and longer lawn mower life.

Height Adjustment: It has 7 position single lever height adjustment for quick and easy mowing experience.

3-in-1 Design: Greenworks LMF 403 , 3-in-1 design allows better mulching, rear bag and side discharge for your grass clipping. It also acquires 70% less space in your garage due to it’s vertical storage features.


Greenworks LMF 403 Specification

Manufacturer Green works
Product Weight  21.6 Pounds
Power Source Battery
Drive Rear Wheel Drive
Battery  Lithium-ion Battery
Height Adjustment 7 Points


Pros Cons
Easy to assembly Χ No significant drawback
Lightweight, easy to maneuver  
Cost Saver, Environmentally safe  


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  • How long will the battery last during the uses?

Ans: The battery run time is usually 45 minutes but the run times also depends on the speed, terrain height, and grass density.

  • How much battery does it need to run?

Ans: It requires only one batter at a time to run.

  • Does this lawn Mower come with a Clipping bag?

Ans: Yes, it does come with a clipping bag.

  • Does it come with one or two batteries?

Ans: This model of Lawn mower comes with one 6 Ah battery.

  • Is the 21’’ mower with 6 ah battery compatible with a smaller 4 ah & 2 ah battery?

Ans: Yes, it is compatible with every Green Works 40 V GMax battery regardless of Amp-Hr.


Snapper P2185020E

electric start self propelled lawn mower
                                         Snapper P2185020E


Snapper P2185020E is another powerful electric start self propelled lawn mower having Briggs & Stratton 850 professional Series engine which is easy to start in one pull without choking or priming. It has the ability to deliver a fine cut even through high and thick grass without slowing down. It has special features of  Hi Vac Deck with its vacuum like suction for cleaner finish after mowing. 


Features of Snapper P2185020E

Engine: Snapper P20185020E has Briggs & Stratton professional series OHV engine. It has professional grade features from ready start technology, ample power & increased durability.

Electric start & Self Propell: The Snapper P2185020E is an easy electric start self propelled lawn mower. The improved rear wheel drive gives easy maneuverability and smooth turn on hills and thick grasses.

HI VAC mower deck: The Hi Vac deck has a unique blade that cuts the grass efficiently and the rolled deck edge generates a large volume of air that creates suction to bag the grass and gives cleaner finish.

3-in-1 Discharge ability: The Snapper P2185020E electric start self propelled lawn mower has 3-in-1 side discharge capability, mulching, rear bag.

Height Adjustment: It has 7 points of height adjustment from 1.25 to 4 inches with an easy adjustable handle.


Snapper P2185020E Specification

Engine 190 cc Briggs & Stratton
Manufacturer    Briggs and Stratton Power Products
Product Weight  85.2 pound
Power Source     Battery
Drive    Rear Wheel Drive
Height Adjustment  7 Points


Pros Cons
Easy maneuverability at uneven surface Χ Some users find assembly bit difficult
Easy maneuverability at uneven surface  
Variable cutting speed  


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  • Does P2185020E snapper mower have a mulch option or is it just strictly bagging?

 Ans: This mower comes with side discharge chute, mulching cover/ plug and a bagging system. When not bagging you can simply insert the plug into  the mower and use the mulching feature.

  • Does this engine easily start when hot, immediately after use?

 Ans: Yes, this model is very good at electric start, you can immediately every time whether hot or cold.

  • How does this mower work on hills or uneven terrain? Do I need to push it?

 Ans: This mower is perfect for hills or uneven terrain with self propell. It has 10- inch rear wheels to work better over the uneven terrain as well.

  • Does this electric charge option charge itself?

 Ans: No, you have to charge the battery after each use. The charger and battery are provided with the mower and it does not need any other special care and maintenance.

  • Does this mower have 2 start options?

Ans: Yes, this mower has both an electric or recoil start option.


Yard Force Lawn Mower

electric start self propelled lawn mower
                                     Yard Force Lawn Mower

The Yardforce lawn mower is the most powerful and reliable electric start self propelled lawn mower when we talk about the performance. The Yardforce lawn mower uses a brushless motor having high torque power and high run time.

This lawn mower is considered as powerful as a gas-powered lawn mower without the hassle of maintenance, smell, noise. It also saves upto 75% of your storage space with it’s vertical storage design.


Features of The Yard Lawn mower

Battery: The Yardforce lawn mower is a high performance Lithium-ion battery powered lawn mower. The Yardforce YF120vRX provides high power, torque and run time of more than 100 minutes with dual battery in a single run.

It uses one battery at a time, so you can easily charge the other discharging battery for larger jobs.It uses a 4 Amp charger which fully charges the battery in just 30 minutes. This electric start self propelled lawn mower is the best choice for your mowing needs for a larger yard area to give a perfect cut in just one go.

Electric Start & Self Propell: It is a Push button electric start self propelled lawn mower. The self propelled power drive gives you easy maneuverability and speed control with simple lever control at your fingertips. It is quite safer, reduces your effort and makes turning easy to all degrees in large and hilly yards.

Torque Sense Technology: It comes with a torque sense technology to give the desired power according to the need. When you need high power to cut through a dense or thick grass, it automatically senses and increases the blade speed to give the smooth cut and reduces the  speed when less power is required, thus saving your battery run time.

3-in-1 Deck Design: The 22-inch steel deck easily allows your grass clipping to bag, mulch or side discharge. 

Height Adjustment: This Mower has 7 cutting height positions which you can control with a single lever for all 4 wheels together upto a height of 4-inch.


Yard Force Lawn Mower Specification

Battery 2 Lithium-ion batteries
Manufacturer Merotec Inc
Product Weight 109 Pounds
Power Source Battery 
Drive Rear Wheel Drive
Height Adjustment 7 Points/ single lever


Pros Cons
Torque-sensing technology Χ No such drawback
Fast battery charging  
Powerful & Sturdy  
Larger bag capacity  


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  • Is this Mower front wheel drive or rear wheel?

Ans: Yardforce lawn mower is front wheel drive.

  • What sort of maintenance does it require?

 Ans: Yardforce lawn mowers only require the blade to be sharpened. No other regular service or maintenance required.

  • What is the wheel size of the front and rear wheel?

 Ans: The front wheel size is 8’’ and the rear wheel size is 12’’.

  • What is the warranty period of the mower and battery?

 Ans: This mower is backed with a 5 year warranty on mower and 3- year battery warranty.

  •  Can we use this mower to mow wet lawns or white it’s raining?

Ans: Yes, you can use it to mow wet lawns but need to be slow for a good job and you can also use it while it’s slow raining.


Ego LM2100SP

electric start self propelled lawn mower
                                Ego LM2100SP

Ego LM2100SP 56V Lithium powered lawn mowered is another powerful mower designed to give you the best and reliable mowing experience. It is a push button and self propelled lightweight lawn mower which delivers torque power equal to that of a gas mower. This lawnmower is durable in all weather conditions.

Although the battery and charger has to be purchased separately, the Ego Lawn Mower is compatible with all EGO power+ arc lithium batteries. The Lawnmower is easily fold-able for compact storage.


Features of Ego LM2100SP

Battery: The Ego LM2100SP 56V Self propelled lawn mower is lithium-ion battery powered. This Lithium-ion battery offers high durability in all weather conditions, rapid charging and high run time of 30min -60 minutes for light to heavy workload. 

Push Button Start & Self Propell: The Ego 21” cordless is push button electric start self propelled lawn mower. The 21’’ self propelled feature delivers torque of a gas powered lawn mower with variable speed of 1.8 MPH – 3.6 MPH.

The Self Propelled rear wheel drive offers variable speed adjustment for various cutting conditions and you can easily control speed with a simple lever. It gives a perfect cut quality just like a gas lawn mower.

3-in-1 Deck Design: The 3-in-1 function allows easy mulching, bagging to collect the clippings and side discharge with a rear bag (chute) which is available upon request.

Height Adjustment: It has 4 position single lever height adjustment design with cutting height ranges from 1 ½” to 4”.All four wheels are height adjusted with a single level design which is easy to use in four positions. All four wheels adjust simultaneously and to the same height.

Led Headlight: It has two led headlights to give sufficient light to mow after dark. The light is operated by a button located on the operator side of the engine.

Weather Resistant Construction: It’s weather resistant features give durability in all weather conditions.


EGO 21” Lawn Mower Specification

Battery 56V Lithium ion
Manufacturer Merotec Inc
Product Weight 67.7 Pounds
Power Source Battery
Drive Rear Wheel Drive
Height Adjustment 4 Points/ single lever


Pros Cons
Powerful Χ Battery and Charger not included
Quiet & Eco Friendly  
Simple height & handle adjustment  
Adjustable self propelled Speed  


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  • What is the cutting height of EGO Lawn Mower?

 Ans: It’s cutting height varies from 1.5″ to 4″ in 1/2″ increments.

  • What is the model Number of this Item?

Ans: This product’s model number is LM2100SP.

  • What is the warranty period of this Lawn Mower?

Ans: This Lawn Mower comes with 5 Year Warranty Period.

  • Why is the battery and charger not included with this Lawn Mower?

Ans: This is because you can use your own battery and charger if you have an Ego product. This inner line is interchangeable.

  • Is this a brushless motor?

Ans: Yes, this lawn mower motor is brushless.


We have chosen the best electric start self propelled lawn mower to make your mowing experience hassle free. All the products mentioned are best in terms of reviews, performance and reliability.

It is always recommended to check for the following feature before buying an electric start self propelled lawn mower.

  1. Battery Powered or Gas Powered

In choosing a lawn mower between battery powered or gas powered you need to keep a few points in your mind before you decide which is best for you.

  • How large is your lawn area?

If you have a large lawn area then gas powered would be a good choice for you as it offers more power and long run time as compared to battery powered which provides less run time and is suitable for a small lawn area.

  • How is your lawn surface? 

If you have uneven or hilly terrain then a gas powered lawn mower will give you best performance without much impact on your mowing speed. For a flat surface a battery powered mower would be good enough.

  • Mowing time 

A gas powered lawn mower takes less mowing time as compared to that of battery powered lawn mower.

2. Height Adjustment

Most Electric Start self Propelled Lawn mowers have height adjustment features to adjust the cutting height when mowing your lawn. A good mowing height is very important to keep your lawn healthy.

Mowing your lawn at the correct height has many other benefits, such as it maintains a healthy root system, increases resistance to insects, drought, pollutants, and holds your soil, fertilizer and chemicals from run off. 

The lawn mower has different levels of height setting point which can be easily done with the help of a single lever. You just need to set the correct cutting height according to the grass type you want to mow.

3. Lawn Mowers Wheel Drive- Rear or Front Wheel Drive

The self propelled lawn mower has a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive system to drive the lawn mower, turn or rotate on different land surfaces. 

 A front wheel drive mower is ideal for flat surfaces with a lot of turns. It has more maneuverability as it changes direction or stops easily by tipping onto its back wheels.

On the other hand, A rear wheel drive mower is more ideal for irregular lawn surfaces with up hills, inclines or slopes. As the rear wheels are grounded it gives more traction and also helpful in bagging since more weight is over the rear wheels. It also gives a more fine and precise straight cut.

4. Mowing Feature- Mulching, bagging or side discharge

Electric start Self propelled lawn mower provides you with 3-in-1 discharge ability of Mulching, bagging of grass clippings or side discharge.

Mulching: The mulching features allow to chop the grass into tiny pieces before dropping it back to the lawn. The grass clipping contains essential nutrients and moisture good for your lawn health.

Bagging: The bagging features of grass clipping allow to collect the cut grass and put them into a compost box to either reuse them as fertilizer or trash if it is dead or diseased grass.

Side discharge: Sometimes you might need to side discharge the grass clipping which has overgrown and fills up your bag quickly. Therefore it needs to be discharged to avoid overload on the engine.

Electric Start self propelled Lawn Mower Safety Maintenance Tips

Performing routine maintenance and proper care ensures safety and increases the life of your lawn mower. It is always recommended to follow the operator’s user manual for proper functioning and safety operation of your lawn mower. Here are some of the safety maintenance tips which you must follow:

  1. Carefully read the operator manuals before assembling and operating.
  2. Make sure that the engine is switched off and all moving parts have stopped before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning work.
  3. Maintain the sharpness of the blade and replace the blade if it has become pitted or blunt for smooth performance of the lawn mower.
  4. Always use hand gloves whenever replacing blades to avoid the injury.
  5. Keep all the nuts, bolts and screws tight to ensure the safe working condition of lawn mower.
  6. To check the engine oil level, stop the engine and keep the mower at level surface.
  7. Adjust the cutting height only after keeping the engine off and removing the spark plug.
  8. Remove the damaged blade with the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) blade only to ensure safety and better performance.
  9. Before storing the lawn mower, fully drain the fuel tank in an open area. After that start the engine and let it run until all the fuel has been used.
  10. Before removing the grass collection bag make sure that the engine has stopped completely.


I hope this article may help you to choose the best electric start self propelled lawn mower.


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